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Paintings in vastu shastra

Paintings in vastu shastra:-

      In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture and design, the placement and selection of artwork, including paintings, are considered important for creating positive energy and harmony in a space. Here are some guidelines regarding paintings in Vastu Shastra:

  1. Subject matter: Choose paintings that depict positive and uplifting scenes, such as landscapes, nature, peaceful settings, or religious and spiritual themes. Avoid paintings that depict violence, sorrow, or negative emotions.

  2. Direction and placement: The placement of paintings in Vastu Shastra depends on the direction and purpose of the room. Here are some general guidelines:

    • North or east direction: Paintings related to water elements, such as rivers, oceans, or waterfalls, can be placed in rooms facing the north or east direction.

    • South or west direction: Paintings depicting earthy elements, such as mountains, landscapes, or lush greenery, are suitable for rooms facing the south or west direction.

    • Living room: Hang paintings that evoke a sense of joy, positivity, and togetherness in the living room. It is believed to enhance social interactions and create a harmonious atmosphere.

    • Bedroom: Choose serene and calming paintings for the bedroom. Paintings with romantic or peaceful themes are ideal for promoting relaxation and a good night's sleep.

    • Study or office: Select paintings that inspire focus, concentration, and success. Artwork related to knowledge, wisdom, or professional achievements can be placed in study areas or offices.

  3. Size and placement: The size of the painting should be proportionate to the wall and the room. Avoid oversized paintings that overpower the space. It is generally recommended to hang paintings at eye level for comfortable viewing.

  4. Colors: Colors play a significant role in Vastu Shastra. Choose paintings with colors that complement the overall color scheme of the room. Soft and soothing colors like blues and greens are generally preferred for bedrooms, while vibrant colors like reds and oranges can be used in areas where energy and activity are desired, such as the living room or study.

  5. Personal preference: Ultimately, it is important to select paintings that resonate with your personal taste and bring you joy. While Vastu Shastra provides guidelines, your own connection to the artwork is crucial for creating a positive environment.

Remember that Vastu Shastra is a complex system, and the guidelines for paintings can vary based on specific factors like the individual's birth chart, the layout of the house, and regional variations. It's always a good idea to consult a Vastu expert for personalized advice tailored to your specific situation.

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