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Vastu shastra painting for different rooms

  Vastu shastra painting for different rooms:-

   Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that provides guidelines for the design and arrangement of various spaces to create positive energy flow. According to Vastu Shastra, specific paintings can be used to enhance the energy and harmony in different rooms. Here are some suggestions for paintings based on Vastu Shastra for different rooms:BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/

  1. Hall: Choose paintings that depict nature, landscapes, or pleasant sceneries. Avoid paintings depicting violence or negative emotions. You can also opt for artwork with vibrant colors to create a lively atmosphere.BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/ice-mountain-at-full-moon-painting-handmade-painting

  2. Kitchen: Hang paintings with images of fresh fruits, vegetables, or flowers in the kitchen. These paintings symbolize abundance and nourishment. BUY NOW:-a) BLUE COLOUR FLOWER PAINTING :-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/blue-colour-flower-acrylic-white-canvas-painting     b)WHITE COLOUR FLOWER PAINTING:- https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/white-flower-handmade-acrylic-painting

  3. Bedroom: Select calming and soothing paintings for the bedroom. Landscapes with soft colors, serene images, or artwork with pairs of birds or flowers can create a peaceful ambiance. BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/madhubani-woman-and-lotus-acrylic-colour-canvas-painting

  4. Living Room: Paintings of family portraits or cheerful scenes can enhance the positive energy in the living room. Images of landscapes, flowers, or peaceful settings are also suitable. BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/sun-and-moon-madhubani-painting-handmade-canvas-painting

  5. Dining Room: Hang paintings that inspire conversations and togetherness in the dining room. Paintings with images of feasts, fruits, or pleasant gatherings can create a harmonious atmosphere.BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/lord-vishnu-warli-painting-handmade-painting

  6. Gallery: In a gallery or art room, you have more flexibility to choose artwork based on personal preferences. Select paintings that resonate with you and bring you joy. You can experiment with different themes, styles, and colors.BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/

  7. Office Room: Opt for paintings that promote focus, productivity, and success in your office room. Paintings of nature, mountains, or successful individuals can inspire and motivate.BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/products/lord-ganesh-abstract-canvas-handmade-painting

Remember, these suggestions are based on Vastu Shastra principles, but it's important to prioritize your personal taste and preferences when selecting paintings for your home or office.Visit our website for more information and BUY NOW:-https://www.amrutaartpositivityforyou.com/

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