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White flowers white canvas sheet acrylic color handmade brush painting

White flowers white canvas sheet acrylic color handmade brush painting

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8"*10" size,

White canvas sheets acid free material use,

Made in year :- 2023,

Acrylic color use,

Handmade brush painting,

Artist name:-Amruta Deshmukh,

Creating a white flowers painting on a canvas sheet using a handmade brush and incorporating colors like white, brown, golden, red, and orange can evoke a sense of positivity. Let's break down the elements and their significance:

  1. White Flower: The white flower serves as the focal point of the painting. White flowers often symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can represent the beauty and potential for growth, signifying a fresh start and positive outcomes.

  2. White Canvas Sheet: The white canvas sheet provides a blank slate for your artwork. White is associated with purity, clarity, and openness. Starting with a white canvas signifies the beginning of a creative process and represents the potential to bring positivity into the artwork.

  3. Handmade Brush: Using a handmade brush adds a personal touch to the painting. It reflects the artist's dedication, craftsmanship, and individuality. Handmade brushes can create unique textures and strokes, enhancing the overall artistic expression.

  4. White Color: White is often considered a color of light, purity, and positivity. It symbolizes clarity, peace, and simplicity. In your painting, the white color can be used to depict the delicate petals of the flower, conveying a sense of elegance and serenity.

  5. Brown Color: Brown is an earthy tone that represents stability, grounding, and reliability. By incorporating brown into the painting, you can add a sense of rootedness and balance to the composition, grounding the ethereal beauty of the white flower.

  6. Golden Color: The golden color often signifies wealth, abundance, and positivity. It can be used to depict the sunlight or add shimmer and radiance to the painting. Golden accents can create a sense of warmth and elevate the overall aesthetic, symbolizing positivity and prosperity.

  7. Red and Orange Colors: Red and orange are vibrant and energetic colors associated with passion, enthusiasm, and joy. Introducing these colors to your painting can infuse it with a burst of energy and positivity. They can be used to create a dynamic background or accentuate certain elements of the flower, making it visually engaging and uplifting.

Overall, the combination of these colors and elements in your painting can create a visually pleasing representation of a white flower that embodies purity, new beginnings, positivity, stability, radiance, and joy.

In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture and design, colors hold significant importance as they are believed to influence the energy and overall balance of a space. White, brown, golden, red, and orange are all colors that can be used to enhance positivity and create a harmonious environment.

White is associated with purity, peace, and tranquility. It symbolizes light and is believed to promote a sense of spaciousness and clarity in a room. Using white in a painting or as a predominant color on a canvas sheet can create a serene and calm atmosphere.

Brown represents stability, grounding, and a connection with the earth. It is often associated with reliability and dependability. Incorporating brown in your artwork or using it as an accent color can help create a sense of stability and balance in the space, promoting a grounded and secure environment.

Golden or gold is considered a color of abundance, prosperity, and wealth in Vastu Shastra. It symbolizes luxury, success, and auspiciousness. Adding golden elements or highlights in your painting can help attract positive energy related to wealth and abundance.

Red is a vibrant color associated with power, passion, and energy. It represents fire and is believed to bring in warmth, motivation, and enthusiasm. Including touches of red in your artwork can help activate and invigorate the space, promoting dynamic energy and vitality.

Orange is a color that symbolizes creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. It is associated with the element of fire and is believed to stimulate positive emotions and encourage social interactions. Incorporating orange in your painting can help create a lively and uplifting atmosphere, fostering a sense of optimism and creativity.

When creating a white flower painting on a canvas sheet using brown, golden, red, and orange colors, you are incorporating a combination of colors that can evoke a positive and harmonious energy in accordance with Vastu Shastra principles. The white flowers will add a sense of purity and serenity, while the other colors will infuse the space with warmth, abundance, passion, and creativity. The overall effect can contribute to a positive and balanced environment, promoting well-being and positivity in accordance with Vastu Shastra beliefs.

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